“Mesa is a fighter jet in terms of work ethic.”

Mike – Zhang Fitness


I’m Mesa Stevens, and I’m an affiliate marketing expert with a proven track record. I specialize in supporting brands as an affiliate marketing manager, strategist, and coach.

I fell in love with marketing after obtaining a psychology degree and starting my career at ClickBank in 2016.

After identifying a need for the kind of hands-on, relationship-driven support I provide in the affiliate marketing industry, Mesa Stevens Consulting was born.

I quickly found my niche in running affiliate programs for health & fitness brands.

Powerhouse clients like Bodybuilding.com, the world’s largest online fitness store, entrusted me to run their affiliate marketing program and eventually, their entire mobile app. I worked to recruit new publishers, drive launches, bring on affiliates, and increase revenue dramatically.

My work in this space has allowed me to build my own trusted network of brands — my affiliate tribe — and identify partnerships and cross-promotional opportunities that benefit everyone.

My passion for the health and fitness industry comes from my background in track & field and volleyball, both as an athlete and as a coach.


As a girl who grew up on a horse ranch in Sweet, Idaho and played competitive sports, I learned about teamwork and trust from a young age.

That’s why I can tell you:

Affiliate marketing is a team sport.

Every player needs to know their position and work together towards the mutual goal of winning more revenue for everyone.

This is why when I take on your affiliate marketing program, I’m not watching from the sidelines — I’m part of your team.

I’m the face that represents your brand to affiliates, and I take that role seriously. It’s my job to communicate your brand values, authentically and transparently.

Communication is everything, and affiliate relationships are built on trust — which is why it’s also my job to make sure everyone is in-the-know and has all the tools and training they need to be successful.

No matter what stage your affiliate program is in, I can help you scale.

If your affiliate program has grown too big to wrangle, I provide affiliate management services that can lighten your load and free you up to focus on your area of expertise.

If your affiliate program is up-and-running but isn’t maximizing its potential, my affiliate program optimization services would be a great fit. I’ll work with you to identify your KPIs and knock them out of the park.

And if you’re just launching your affiliate program, I can set you up for success with my coaching services.

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“I had originally hired Mesa to come in and take over while I was out on maternity leave. I only had a couple weeks of training before I would be out so I needed to hire someone who could come in and hit the ground running.

Mesa not only did that, but she helped drive the affiliate channel forward. She created new relationships, optimized with partners, implemented new technology, and launched our mobile app affiliate program. When I came back from maternity leave, we kept Mesa on.

Mesa is organized, professional, knowledgeable, coachable. She’s really just a high caliber professional. I could depend on her when we had deadlines or if we have quick turnarounds and also could trust that she could have crucial conversations with stakeholders. Mesa is the partner you want on your team!”